General Information


Independent Insurance Agents of Kentucky (IIAK) is the oldest and largest statewide insurance organization in Kentucky. The association was founded in 1896 and currently has more than 300 insurance agencies throughout the state as members. We estimate that there are some 2,000 to 3,000 people staffing those member agencies.   

The association provides many services to its members, including professional education, information, lobbying, and regulatory liaison. IIAK also has programs for its members’ benefit, such as a group health plan, errors and omissions insurance, retirement services and niche markets. 

IIAK has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and has a staff ​of six full-time employees

13265 O'Bannon Station Way
Louisville, KY 40223

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Phone: (502) 245-5432
Fax: (502) 245-5750
Toll Free: (866) 426-(IIAK) 4425

Years Served ​Name ​​City
​1896-97 ​*A.G. Simrall  ​Covington​
​1898-99 ​*A.H. Robinson ​Louisville
​1900-01 ​*H.F. Duncan ​Louisville
​1902-03 ​*M.W. Rudd ​Owensboro
​1904 ​*Thomas S. Dugan ​Louisville
​1905 ​*Alfred Pirtle ​Louisville
​1906-07 ​*H.V. Davis ​Louisville
​1908-10 ​*W.H. Weaver ​Henderson
​1911-12 ​*S.D. Langsley ​Madisonville
​1913-15 ​*Thomas C. Timberlake ​Louisville
​1916-17 ​*Carl D. Herdman ​Bowling Green
​1918-19 ​*S.B. Moxley ​Shelbyville
​1920 ​*J.G. Galloway ​Bowling Green
​1921-22 ​*A. Gordon Sulser ​Maysville
​1923-25 ​*Charles J. Smith ​Lexington
​1926-28 ​*Paul H. Eastham ​Ashland
​1928-30 ​*Harry B. Wilson ​Irvine
​1930-31 ​*Norman I. Taylor ​Burnside
​1931-32 ​*Len S. Shaw ​Mayfield
​1932-33 ​*Joseph H. Gausepohl ​Covington
​1934-36 ​*G.R. Reed ​Columbia
​1936-38 ​*Dwight R. Peel ​Benton
​1938-40 ​*Addison T. Whitt  ​​Winchester
​1940-42 ​*S. Roy Woodall ​Paducah
​1942-43 ​*James J. Hackworth ​Shelbyville
​1944 ​*Norman A. Chrisman ​Pikeville
​1945 ​*J. Bryant Lawton ​Central City
​​1946-47 ​*Sheridan C. Barnes ​Elizabethtown
​1948 ​*J. Ernest Fall, Jr. ​Fulton
​1949 ​*Hiriam E. Redman ​Ashland
​1950 ​*James C. Hulett ​Frankfort
​1951-52 ​*C.S. Gardner ​Owensboro
​1953 *Hendree B. Milward
​1954 ​*Charles Moore ​Bowling Green
​1955 ​*Guy Billington ​Murray
​1956 *​Robert A. Lawton ​Central City
​1957 ​*J. R.  Montgomery, Jr ​Springfield
​1958 ​*Louie W. King ​Olive Hill
​1959 ​*Charles B. Chrisman ​Pikeville
​1960 ​*Charles J. Baugh ​Mayfield
​1961 *​Donald H. Putnam, Jr. ​Ashland
​1962 ​*Cecil E. Yeary ​London
​1963 ​*Edgar P. Stamper ​Hopkinsville
​1964 *​James W. Harris ​Louisville
​1965 ​*Harry W. Houlihan, Jr. ​Lexington
​1966 ​*Harold B. McGuffey ​Smiths Grove
​1967 ​*Alva O. Inman ​Elizabethtown
​1968 ​*J.M. VanZandt ​Louisville
​1969 ​​Joseph B. McClain ​Paris
​1970 *​Charles M. Moore, Jr., CPCU  ​Bowling Green
​1971 *​C.J. Cronan, III ​Louisville
​1972 ​William L. Fossett ​Fulton
​1973 ​*Albert J. Torstrick, Jr. ​Lexington
​1974 ​W. Michael Desmond ​Bellevue
​1975 ​*Homer Austin ​Paducah
​1976 ​George G. Rupert ​Ashland
​1977 ​John Causey ​Henderson
​1978 ​R.C. Riley, CPCU, AAI ​Benton
​1979 ​James E. Carrico ​Louisville
​1980 ​Reyburn W. Ford ​Owensboro
​1981 ​David W. Curneal ​Elizabethtown
​1982 ​*Frank X. Gross, CPCU ​Ft. Thomas
​1983 ​William B. Greenwood ​Central City
​1984 ​Michael D. McCandless ​Glasgow
​1985 ​*Albert J. Torstrick, III ​Lexington
​1986 ​Roger D. Kephart, CPCU ​Fulton
​1987 ​William G. Stiglitz, III ​Louisville
​1988 ​George G. Wilson, III, CIC ​Whitley City
​1989 ​*Robert W. Sams, CPCU ​Somerset
​1990 ​Bradley D. Smith ​Florence
​1991 ​*Bruce B. Coates ​Winchester
​1992 ​Timothy A. Murphy ​​Hopkinsville
​1993 ​Greg B. Milward ​Lexington
​1994 ​L.B "Brad" Colson, AAI ​Benton
​1995 ​Michael D. Hepp ​Bowling Green
​1996 ​T. Charles Cravens, CIC ​Hodgenville
​1997 ​Dennis D. Desmond, CIC ​Bellevue
​1998 ​C.R. "Bob" Lowe, CPCU, CIC, AAI, AIC ​Ashland
​1999 ​Allen Rudd ​Madisonville
​2000-01 ​Steven M. Ford ​Owensboro
​2002 ​Charles M. Polin ​Springfield
​2003 ​A. Lynn McCandless ​Glasgow
​2004 ​William D. Gorman, Jr. ​Hazard
​2005 ​Tommy Adams, CPCU, AAI ​Bowling Green
​2006 ​James D. England, AAI ​Pikeville
​2007 ​Joe R. Barnes, AAI ​Lexington
​2008 ​Keith B. Riley, CWCA, AAI ​Benton
​2009 ​Stephen R. Kinkade, CPCU, AAI ​Leitchfield
​2010 ​Sandra T. Blain, CIC, CPIW ​Lexington
​2011 ​Phillip D. Hunt, CIC ​Prestonsburg
​2012 ​Timothy X. Conder ​Louisville
​2013 ​William "Bill" S. Latta ​​Henderson
​2014 ​John Funkhouser, CIC ​​Danville
​2015 ​Michelle L. Love ​​Owensboro
​David A. Houk
​Horse Cave

 *  Indicates deceased 

Years Served ​Name ​City
​1972-73 ​George Atkins ​Hopkinsville
​1974 ​Martin Koetters ​Louisville
​1975 ​Mike Hepp ​Bowling Green
​1976 ​Allen Whitenack ​Harrodsburg
​1977 ​Bill Greenwood ​Central City
​1978 ​Roger Kephart, CPCU ​Fulton
​1979 ​Dennis Desmond, CIC ​Bellevue
​1980 ​Nelson Inman ​Elizabethtown
​1981 ​*Jerry Prather ​Somerset
​1982 ​Tim Murphy ​Hopkinsville
​1983 ​Brad Colson, AAI ​Benton
​1984 ​Brad Smith ​Florence
​1985 ​Steve Ford ​Owensboro
​1986 ​*Bruce Coates ​Winchester
​1987 ​Steve Crawford, CPCU ​Bellevue
​1988 ​Joe Barnes, AAI ​Benton
​1989 ​Jim Downing, CIC ​Maysville
​1990 ​Malcolm Blane ​Hopkinsville
​1991 ​Patricia Shofner ​Pikeville
​1992 ​David Gross, CLU, ChFC ​Fort Thomas
​1993 ​Rudy Schlich ​Louisville
​1994 ​Tom Million ​Mount Sterling
​1995 ​Mike Bitters, LUTCF ​Louisville
​1996 ​Benita Cravens, AAI, CPIW ​Somerset
​1997 ​Roy Riley, CPCU, AAI ​Benton
​1998 ​Rob Turner Hopkinsville
​1999-00 ​Steve Vaughn, CIC ​Corbin
​2001 ​John Ison ​West Liberty
​2002 ​Shannon Desmond Walz, ACSR, CIC ​Bellevue
​2003 ​Keith Riley, CWCA, AAI ​Benton
​2004 ​Jordan Clarke, CIC ​Scottsville
​2005 ​Jeff Greer ​Brandenburg
​2006 ​Charles Adams ​Bowling Green
​2007 ​George “Grady” Wilson, IV ​Whitley City
​2008 ​David Clarke, CIC ​Russellville
​2009 ​Michael G. Johnson, CIC ​Lexington
​2010 ​Carolyn Reynolds Bogie ​Berea
​2011 ​Aaron LaRue ​Bardstown
​2012 ​Virginia Goff, CLCS, CWCA ​Bardstown
​2013 ​Hobert E. “Moe” Dugger, AAI ​Lexington
​2014 ​Mark Ross Richey, AAI, CWCA ​Central City
​2015 ​Adam T. Murphy, CIC, CISR, CPIA ​​Cadiz
​Neel Ford, AU, CPIA
*  Indicates deceased  
​1952​*Peyton B. Bethel​Louisville
​1953​*Norman A. Chrisman​Pikeville
​1954​*Sheridan C. Barnes​Elizabethtown
​1955​*A.G. Harrison​Louisville
​1956​*Hendree B. Milward​Lexington
​1957​*Charles H. Moore​Bowling Green
​1958​*J.R. Montgomery Jr.​Springfield
​1959​*Robert A. Lawton​Central City
​1960​*Harry S. Houlihan, Jr.​Lexington
​1961​*Charles B. Chrisman​Pikeville
​1962​James W. Harris​Louisville
​1963​*Harold B. McGuffey​Smiths Grove
​1964​*J.M. Van Zandt​Louisville
​1965​Joseph B. McClain​Paris
​1966​Charles J. Cronan III​Louisville
​1967​*William E. Clark​Louisville
​1968​*Charles J. Baugh​Mayfield
​1969​*Jack Voigt​Louisville
​1970*Charles M. Moore Jr., CPCU​Bowling Green
​1971​*Albert J. Torstrick, Jr.​Lexington
​1972​*Robert D. Preston​Lexington
​1973-75​Not awarded
​1976​George G. Rupert​Ashland
​1977​Alford Gustafson, CPCU​Louisville
​1978​R.C. Riley, CPCU, AAI​Benton
​1979​James E. Carrico​Louisville
​1980​Reyburn W. Ford​Owensboro
​1981​*E. Starling Holloway​Madisonville
​1982​*Frank X. Gross, CPCU​Fort Thomas
​1983-84​Not awarded ​
​1985​Michael D. McCandless​Glasgow
​1986​William B. Greenwood​Central City
​1987-88​Not awarded ​
​1989​Paul G. Franz, CPCU​Louisville
​1990​Not awarded ​
​1991​*Eric Tachau, CPCU​Louisville
​1992-95​Not awarded ​
​1996​T. Charles Cravens, CIC​Hodgenville
​1997-98​Not awarded ​

*  Indicates deceased 

The E. Starling Holloway Award is given to honor an individual who has made a significant industry contribution, enhanced the ideals and reputation of the insurance industry, or made a significant contribution to his or her community, state or country.  This award is open to all felt worthy of the honor; the person who receives it does not have to be a member of IIAK; and does not have to be in the insurance business.  Past recipients include:

​1999​William B. Greenwood​Central City
​2000​Not awarded
​2001​*Albert J. Torstrick, III​Lexington
​2002​Thomas Ferreri​Louisville
​2003​Robert Wessel Sr.​Louisville
​2004​Not awarded
​2005​George G. Wilson, III​Whitley City
​2006​*Frank X. Gross, CPCU​Fort Thomas
​2007​*Donald I, Renau, JD, CPCU, CIC, AAI​Louisville
​2008​R. C. Riley, CPCU, AAI​Benton
​2009​William G. Stiglitz, III​Louisville
​2010​Jeff Greer​Brandenburg
​2011Not awarded​
​2012​Dennis D. Desmond, CIC​Bellevue
​2013​Paul G. Franz, CPCU​Louisville
​2014​Darlene Rufra​Louisville
​2015​Michael D. Hepp​Bowling Green
​Not awarded

*  Indicates deceased 

The CSR Of The Year Award is given to a person working in an IIAK member agency as a customer service representative, who typifies the ideals of service.  This person’s experience, education, community service and attitude may be taken into consideration in the judging of this award.  A person may, or may not be, licensed to be considered of this award.   Past recipients include:

​1999​Mary Schneider​Sebree
​2000​Not awarded
​2001Mary Stafford, ACSR, CISR, CPIW​Louisville
​2002​Edna Crabtree​Beattyville
​2003​Lisa Manley​Lexington
​2004​Barbara Higgs, CPCU, CPIW​Bowling Green
​2005​Karen K. Toll, CIC, CPIW, ACSR​Bellevue
​2006​Lydia Heathman, ACSR, CPIW, KACSR​Lexington
​2007​Barbara Ann Charles​Louisville
​2008​Kimberly McReynolds, ACSR​Bowling Green
​2009​Karen Lauyans, ACSR​Louisville
​2010-11​Not awarded
​2012​Ison Insurance Agency​West Liberty
​2013​Not awarded
​2014​Patricia Allen​Bowling Green
​2015​Carolyn Belt​Marion
​Shelly T. Browning, ACSR, KACSR, AAI, AINS
​Bowling Green

​1973​Allen Whitenack​Harrodsburg
​1974​George Atkins​Hopkinsville
​1975​Mike Hepp​Bowling Green
​1976​Tom Rupert​Ashland
​1977​Bill Greenwood​Central City
​1978​Roger Kephart, CPCU​Fulton
​1979​*Jerry Prather​Somerset
​1980​Denny D. Desmond, CIC​Bellevue
​1981​George "Buddy" Wilson​Whitley City
​1982​Tim Murphy, AAI, CIC​Hopkinsville
​1983​Rusty Purdy​Lexington
​1984​Brad Colson, AAI​Benton
​1985​Brad Smith​Florence
​1986​Steve Ford​Owensboro
​1987​Charles Cravens, CIC​Hodgenville
​1988​Steve Crawford, CPCU​Bellevue
​1989​*Buce Coates​Winchester
​1990​Jim Downing, CIC​Maysville
​1991​Paul Schlich, Jr.​Louisville
​1992​Robert Billington, Jr.​Murray
​1993​David Groass, CLU, ChFC​Fort Thomas
​1994​Rudy Schlich, CPCU, CIC​Louisville
​1995​Tom Million, CIC, LUTCF​Mount Sterling
​1996​Mike Bitters, LUTCF​Louisville
​1997​Benita Cravens, CPIW, AAI ​Somertset
​1998​Roy Riley, CPCU, AAI​Benton
​1999​Tommy Adams, CPCU​Bowling Green
​2000​Steve Vaughn, CIC​Corbin
​2001​John Ison​West Liberty
​2002​Shannon Desmond Walz, ACSR, CIC​Bellevue
​2003​Keith Riley, AAI, CWCA​Benton
​2004​Jordan Clarke, CIC​Scottsville
​2005​Jeff Greer​Brandenburg
​2006​Charles Adams, CIC​Bowling Green
​2007​George “Grady” Wilson, IV​Whitley City
​2008​David Clarke, CIC​Russellville
​2009​Michael G. Johnson, CIC​Lexington
​2010​Carolyn Reynolds​Berea
​2011​Aaron LaRue​Bardstown
​2012​Virginia Goff, CLCS, CWCA​Bardstown
​2013​Hobert E. “Moe” Duggar, AAI​Lexington
​2014​Mark “Ross” Richey, AAI, CWCA​Bowling Green
​2015​Adam T. Murphy, CISR, CPIA, CIC​Cadiz
​Neel Ford, AU, CPIA
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