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Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Committee of Kentucky serves as the unified voice for all young insurance professionals in Kentucky.  We foster the professional development needs of our members in the state to perpetuate the future of the independent insurance agency system. They are vital to the success of our membership and our association because they are the individuals who will become the future leaders of the association, their businesses, and their communities.

Along with Big I Kentucky, we are the largest network of insurance professionals in the state of Kentucky.  The Emerging Leaders Committee has a long history of cultivating young professionals that have become successful leaders of the industry.  They are constantly evolving, recruiting new young professionals to join and always looking for ways to improve and provide high quality, value-added programs, and activities for its members. 

Emerging Leaders can help you:

  • Expand your professional network to include not only other agents but also carrier representatives and other industry professionals
  • Strengthen industry connections and make new ones
  • Get more involved in your community
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn how to get more involved in the political process and advocate for important agent issues

Membership Requirements:

  • You must belong to an IIAK member agency or an associate member company/vendor.
  • You must be 40 years old or younger and/or have less than five years of experience in insurance.

is there a cost?

  • If you meet the membership requirements above, you are automatically a member of the Emerging Leaders of Kentucky.
  • With your membership, you will receive discounts on certain events, have the opportunity to gain the priceless skills, friendships and experiences you will receive from being part of a distinct, award-winning group!


Katie HinesKatie Hines
Membership Services Director




2019-20 Emerging LeaderS Officers

Adam SheridanAdam Sheridan
Emerging Leader Chair
Reed Brothers Insurance Services
Daniel GreeneDanny Greene
Vice Chair
Epic Insurance Solutions Agency LLC
P: 513-534-0294