Marketing Reimbursement Program

​​​​MRP 2017 Infographic.jpgWith its new online quoting capabilities and bold, new “Freedom” advertising campaign,  the Trusted Choice® brand has gained a whole new level of recognition among consumers. There has never been a better time to co-brand your agency as Trusted Choice® and the 3 great options below can help you offset your costs while doing so!

You can choose to apply for 1, 2, or all 3 reimbursement options. Certain rules and eligibility requirements apply, so be sure to review the Marketing Reimbursement Program guidelines and application first.


The Wrong Logo: Trusted Choice occasionally receives Marketing Reimbursement Program applications where the items being co-branded don't feature the Trusted Choice logo at all, but the Big "I" association logo. For an item to be eligible for reimbursment it must feature the Trusted Choice logo. 
Spacing Issues: Sometimes applications feature items where the logo is placed right up against some other element on the item being co-branded. There needs to be a certain amount of clear space given to the Trusted Choice logo so that it is easily identified. 
The Wrong Color: Brands are often identified by their main colors- Coca Cola is red, Starbucks is green, etc. Consistency of color across the brand/logo helps people identify the brand when they see it. The primary colors for the Trusted Choice logo are blue & black, though for situations where it's more appropriate or necessary for a single color there are a few acceptable single color options (Blue, Black, White or Silver). A fuschia Trusted Choice logo may be unique, but we can't reimburse you for it. 
contact.pngFor questions or further information contact: 

Nikki RobinsNikki Robins
Communications Director
P: 502-245-5432


  1. Take stock of your inventory. 
    Is it time to re-order anything? Marketing dollars can be used towards stationery, business cards, brochures, shirts, folders, a sign, pledge certificates, decals, insurance card holders, newsletters and give-a-ways.

  2. Evaluate your Web site or develop a new one. 
    Do you have a Web site? Does your current Web site lack the Trusted Choice® logo or need a little upgrade? You can use Trusted Choice® dollars to give your Web presence a fresh new look and add the Trusted Choice® logo/pledge.

  3. Find a vendor. 
    Any local vendor will produce printed materials or your website.  Just be sure to forward your vendor of choice the logo signature guide.

  4. Fill in the blanks. 
    Download the Marketing Reimbursement application and send the completed application along with a professional proof of your items to: 
    Nikki Robins
    Communications Director